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May 21, 2015

Am I Liable to Pay for Untouched Goods?

Millions of tourist are visiting the UAE every year, because of its unbeatable shopping stores, exquisite cuisines and restaurants, superb beach resorts, and the fascinating tradition and culture. So, renting a car is more convenient for tourist who wants to explore more and stayed long in the country, and it's also common among UAE residents. On my interview in The National, I explained the law concerning about missing equipment in renting a car, being charge just for accompanying a family in a buffet restaurant, and refusing to refund a faulty product.

When the customer rents a car, the company requires an individual to sign a contract before renting them the car. It is recommended for the customer to check and ensure that all equipment in the car is intact and accounted for. If there is a missing equipment or accessories during the time of renting the car, the customer needs to notify the company. The company may hold the customer liable for missing equipment or accessories at the time of returning the car. The company also has the right to file a criminal case against the customer based on the principles of breach of trust.

Buffet restaurants are always fascinating because of the different varieties of food that being offered. Usually buffet restaurants they bill the customer based on head count. But the customer is not liable to pay any bill by simply being there and didn't order any food from the restaurant. The customer can also check the buffet restaurant's policy before going there, to avoid being billed for not eating anything.

Similarly, when purchasing a certain product, we always expect to receive the best or the good quality product. However, if the product is damaged then the customer has the right to return the product to the seller and ask for a full refund. The seller is liable to refund the product or exchange it with a different supply if the product is found damage or faulty, whether the packaging was removed or not. As stated in Article 5 of Law No 24 of 2006, refunds or exchange of products are an available remedy in the event of a faulty product or a product supplied with a different description. All stores are required to comply with the local UAE consumer-protection laws.

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