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February 27, 2015

What's New Copycat? Poking Around Dubai's Artful Imitators

On the business field, having a good branding puts you on a good business position. Different techniques of marketing and strategy are created and executed to increase company's presence to gain more clients. Notice McDonalds, IBM, Microsoft, and other big companies on how they gain publicity and client's recognition through their branding. You can identify an application or social interaction site as twitter if you saw a 'blue bird', letter 'g' for google, and 'f' for facebook. On business, we call it trademarks. Trademarks are design either a letter or an image, which signifies identity of a company or a product. On this article from Al Arabiya news, I mentioned how UAE protects and recognizes importance of trademarks for businesses.

Because Dubai is a suitable place to open a business, there are different establishment on which you can notice that their logo are somehow similar to some of the big companies. Using same concept of logo or brand can also lead into two scenarios; 1. It could help your brand to be recognized because you are using a well-known branding, or 2. It will bring negative feedback to clients because you are just imitating the original one. There are some cases on which a company decided to withdraw its business due to legal action taken from the original owner.

Trademarks protects local and international identity of a company or services. If the logo's design and wording is identical to the original, it breaches intellectual property law. According to Article 4 of Law 37 1992, even an international company is not registered within UAE, it will still recognize its trademarks with an international reputation from other countries. Based on Article 10, it's illegal to register same trademark as it will lead to customer's confusion. Imagine in this example that company 'A' offers laundry service while company 'B' imitates logo of company 'A' but offers computer services, a costumer might bring their computer for a repair on company 'A' on which offers different services. It not only leads on a confusion, but a waste of time and improper service.

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