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Top 5 Scenarios of Theft

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May 07, 2014

"Theft" is defined under the Federal Decree Law No 31 of 2021, more commonly known as the UAE Penal Code. The UAE Penal Code defines theft under Article 435 as:

"A theft means the taking of property belonging to a person other than the criminal and it shall be subject to the provisions of the following Articles."

The Top 5 Scenarios of Theft are as Follows:

1. In circumstances where an incorrect (and higher) amount of money is handed over by an exchange house or bank, and it is kept knowingly by you, the bank or the exchange house shall have a criminal claim of theft against you.

2. Theft cannot be claimed if you have given up custody of the object, for example, leaving something by the trash. In that event, you have relinquished your theft claim.

3. Consuming food inside a supermarket is theft if the goods are not paid for after consumption. Once consumed, fully or partially, goods should be paid for before exiting.

4. Once the food is ordered in restaurants, and the correct order is completed by the restaurant, the person must pay.

5. The punishment for theft varies depending upon the degree of crime committed.

Typically, theft is punishable by a jail sentence of at least six months or a fine under Article 443 of the Penal Code. However, if theft is committed in a place of worship, in a house, or any means of transport or at a station, port or airport, amongst others, this is punishable with imprisonment of not less than one year under Article 442 of the UAE Penal Code. Article 441 of the Penal Code also provides for imprisonment of up to seven years if theft is committed during nighttime and by a person carrying a weapon.

Additionally, under Article 445 of the Penal Code, any attempt to commit a misdemeanour theft is punishable by one-half of the penalty prescribed for the completed crime.

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